Vegetation Studio 1.0 Release Candidate 1 with patch


Vegetation Studio 1.0 Release Candidate 1 with patch

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Create Date October 31, 2017
Last Updated October 31, 2017

Patch fixes


  • Fixed shader warning on MinPostFilter.shader
  • Fixed line shift on MeshExtention.cs
  • Fixed trying to read a cutoff value from a material with no parameter
  • Fix for render loop issue when material was missing.
  • Replaced some occurances of touch bend in inspectors. Touch react now.



  • All components help icon now linked to documentation pages on the website.
  • Added a TerrainDetail mask. This is configured by the terrain detail importer
  • Trees are now culled by camera frustum. Potential shadowcasters outside are rendered as shadows only.
  • Enabled per item LODs on objects and Large objects. Shadow culling on Large object shadows. This allows for proper exclusion of non visible trees and less load on the GPU.
  • Changed Vegetation Item drop zones UI. they allow for mulit selection drag and drop now.
  • Touch Bend system renamed to TouchReact system. This might require adding TouchReact and Mesh components to objects again.


  • Cleanup of package. Post processing removed. Profile still included
  • Merged Height/Steepness and Scale/rotation groupes in Vegetation System Editor
  • Compute shader renderloop is set as default to disabled. It can be enabled on the Render tab.
  • Changed minimum LOD factor to 0.15
  • Scene Vegetation Baker can now export grass and plants also.
  • Scene Vegetation Baker has setting for static export.
  • GC cleanup in render loop.
  • SunDirectionalLight is set at Reset() event.
  • Set PersistentVegetationStoragePackage to [PreferBinarySerialization]. Saving the binary data as text takes to much space,memory and time. Only affects new packages
  • Added setting to load terrain detail mask to memory. Default setting is false.
  • Added an extra float4 as control data to the structured buffer passed to the indirect shaders. for future use.


  • Removed compiler warnings in 2017.2
  • NavMeshObstacle center not showing on capsule mode UI
  • Reduced memory use on VegetationColorMaskCreator
  • Fix error where compute shaders would not be initialized if starting with compute shaders disabled
  • Fixe error in Billboard system that could happeen with run-time instantiated terrains
  • Removed VR related compile error.
  • Fixed bounds calculation wrong on prefabs with an scale of != 1;
  • Fix for potential error with missing materials on VegetationPrefabs
  • Fixed potential error in MeshUtils when calculating the bounds of a prefab.

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