Vegetation Studio Beta 3.1 Full


Vegetation Studio Beta 3.1 Full

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Create Date July 13, 2017
Last Updated July 13, 2017

Full package including demo scene

Beta 3.1: July 13,  2017


  • Runtime colliders and spawned objects now have a RuntimeObjectInfo component with a reference to the VegetationItem class it is created for. Get this component from the GameObject to get more info about the VegetationItem
  • There is now a scale setting on box, sphere and capsule TouchBendColliders. Usefull to increase the affected area of ragdoll colliders etc.
  • Added a 2nd level culling on trees. there is no overlap distance between trees and billboards now.
  • Added source LOD for Billboards. Users can decide what Speedtree LOD to use for the billboard generation.


  • Fix offset to be local space on colliders
  • billboards not visible is not affected by API respawn.
  • Fixed OnBeforeDestroyColliderDelegate not called when clearing all colliders
  • Fixed billboard Atlas max resolution not set to 4096px
  • Fixed render bug on billboard Atlas generation.
  • Fixed VegetationSystem inspector error with empty vegetation Package
  • Fixed bug with assigning terrain texture rules on vegetation package with “no textures”. Textures images now direct from terrain in these cases.
  • Fixed error when removing the last vegetation package
  • Added info on terrain textures tab when no textures package is selected.

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