Vegetation Studio Beta 3.3 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 3.3 Core

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Create Date July 18, 2017
Last Updated July 18, 2017

Mask system is 70% done, some UI in this beta but not enabled.

Beta 3.3: July 18,  2017


  • Added new shadow culling system to get shadows from invisible trees. New setting on Render Tab to set distance
  • Added copy paste of vegetation items.
  • Added static SetVegetationDistance, SetTreeDistance and SetBillboard distance to VegetationStudioManager. Sets on all VegetationSystems in scene
  • Added pdf manual to core package


  • Adjusted Vegetation Beacon UI
  • Fixed VegetationSystemEditor error
  • Fixed error in VegetationSystemInspector with missing prefab
  • Added Rotation Offset to the VegetationItems
  • Added "external web link" to the documentation button text.
  • Fixed sample distance bug giving huge changes from 9.9 to 10 meters
  • Width and height of the grass patch generator is now a range. this can help give different height to each plane.
  • Added Vegetation scale multiplier
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes in enums
  • Renamed SetPlantDistance to SetVegetationDistance
  • Changed position offset on vegetation items to localspace.

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