Vegetation Studio Beta 3.6 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 3.6 Core

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Create Date July 21, 2017
Last Updated July 21, 2017

Beta 3.6: July 21,  2017


  • Fist support for texture masks. Grayscale density mask and perlin mask is ready.
  • Texture Mask Density rule is finished.
  • Removed the need for the EditorCamera in edit mode. Now using the native SceneView Camera for culling.
  • Added MaskBackgroundCreator Component. Add to VegetationSystem Gameobject. Select resolution and generate a ortho image that can be used as background for manual masks.


  • Renamed settings PlantDistance to VegetationDistance. This will reset VegetationDistance on current scenes to default of 100 meters.
  • Fixed density setting mapped to wrong category.
  • Fixed touch bend not copying with copy/paste
  • Fixed Vegetation Mask area not removing on disable/remove
  • Fixed possible error in Vegetation Beacon editor
  • Added UP/Down navigation in ExtendedFlycam Q and E button
  • Added static getDistance functions on VegetationStudioManager
  • Billboards now only get generated on tree prefabs
  • Grass patch generator refreshes AssetDatabase. Fixed a possible crash when saving.
  • Removed speedtree wind in editor
  • Forced GC cleanup after clearing cell cache
  • Changed serialization mode for some lists
  • Some memory management changes
  • Forced random seed on vegetationTypeDetector
  • Changed text for Vegetaion Item vegetation Mask
  • Restricted terrain texture denisty rules to 0.01 - 1
  • Fixed automatic vegetation update problem when using terrain inspector on vegetation packages with no textures
  • Fixed edge spawning after 9.9-10 density fix
  • Increased max sample distance to 50 on vegetation items
  • UnityTerrainData fix for refreshing heightdata with bounds outside of terrain
  • fixed error in BillboardSystem if VegetationSystem component is disabled
  • Added Id field to VegetationMasks.
  • Will automatic set mask textures to readable when adding masks.

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