Vegetation Studio Beta 3.9 Full


Vegetation Studio Beta 3.9 Full

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Create DateJuly 27, 2017

Beta 3.9: July 27,  2017


  • Added scale mask support
  • Started refactoring the internal cache to remove GC buildup
  • Doing some cleanup before saving scenes.


  • Fixed threading issue that could lead to theads loaded with more work than others.
  • Added "Refresh masks" button on Mask Tab
  • Added support for TextureImporterFormat.ARGB32 and TextureImporterFormat.RGBA32 for masks
  • Added seed value per vegetation item
  • Added density value per vegetation item
  • With multiple masks density rules now uses the highest value
  • Added offset to perlin noise
  • UI changes. Made Terrain texture rules, Texture mask rules and Vegetation Mask expand/collapse
  • Include in terrain checkbox moved up to top of settings
  • Fixed refresh mask textures loop bug
  • Removed a Sceneview.RepaintAll call in the VegetationSystem inspector
  • Fixed focus control not reset when selecting new mask
  • Fixed masks not working in builds
  • Fixed issue with adding node in the VegetationMask editor when moving sceneview camera
  • Refresh cell size button.
  • Added static function to Set Vegetation Packages on all vegetation systems.
  • Plants now show up for the run-time spawner if they are not instanced indirect.
  • Added density and scale multiplier setting for rules for texture masks
  • Offsets on vegetation items, colliders and runtime prefab spawners are now scaled with the item.

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