Vegetation Studio Beta 4.1 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 4.1 Core

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Create DateAugust 7, 2017

BETA 4.1: AUGUST 07,  2017


  • New texture mask type. Colormask. It allows you to select a color and tolerance range form a mask texture. Option to get density from alpha or tolerance accuracy.
  • Adding option for masks to store texture in VegetationPackage or on Vegetation system. This is used if you have multiple terrains using the same VegetationPackage and different mask textures.
  • Added WindController component. Used to inject wind data to the VegetationStudio grass if used in a scene with no VegetationSystem.
  • New curve editor that allows for editing height and steepness rules direct in inspector.
  • New curve editor for VegetationBeacon falloff


  • Sceneview now refreshes when leaving sleep mode
  • Added Paste Values option when copying vegetation items.
  • Updated UnityTerrainData.cs You can now disable the c++ dll used for some math in windows standalone mode by defining VS_NO_HEIGHTMAP_DLL as a compiler define. System will fallback to c# version of the same code.
  • VegetationStudio will now compile on Unity 5.5 releases, there is limited functionality. Instanced Indirect(grass does not work), shaders must manually be enabled for instancing in code. 5.5 Will not be a supported unity version.
  • Fix for wrong rotation on TextureMasks
  • Enable instancing for grass patches generated by Grass Patch Generator
  • Fixed wrong initial rotation on billboards
  • Storing texturemasks on VegetationSystem component now works good with multiple vegetation systems using the same vegetation package
  • Changed warning for missing camera.
  • VegetationMasks needs to be enabled to edit.
  • Adjusted height on the Start vegetation systems button

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