Vegetation Studio Beta 4.0 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 4.0 Core

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Create Date August 2, 2017
Last Updated August 2, 2017

Beta 4.0: August 02,  2017

A new Vegetation Studio Beta is ready for download.

There are a few new features and changes in this version.
The run-time collider system now have a system to bake a mesh of all configured tree colliders. This can be used to bake a unity navmesh.
The billboard system also has a system to "Bake" the billboards. This will give faster load times on huge terrains with the loss of dynamic updates when VegetationMasks move or rules change. For some games this is a good option.

When loading a scene VegetationStudio will now start in a sleep mode. This is for editor only. In playmode and builds it runs as normal. You start it with a button on the VegetationStudioManager or VegetationSystem component. There are several reasons for this change. A lot of the time most users will be working on other things than vegetation. There is no reason to use editor resources to manage when not in use. Also some users have had an issue with loading vegetation as the scene loads. This should remove this problem.

A last change is billboards in editor mode. They will load as normal but after tree rule changes you will have to manually press the refresh billboards button. This is a first step in a plan to speed up the vegetation update in the scene as you change rules. When done I think we will get instant updates in terrain as you changes rules and settings.


  • Added bake option for colliders for Navmesh baking
  • Added baked billboards mode to BillboardSystem Component
  • VegetationSystem now starts up in a sleepmode when in editor.
  • Billboards will have to refreshed manually when rules change in editor mode. This is first part of speeding up the refresh when changing rules.


  • Allow compressed textures for texture masks
  • Runtime prefab spawner can now be on a child GameObject of VegetationSystem
  • Collider offet is now relative to vegetaionItem rotation
  • Runtime prefab spawner offet is now relative to vegetaionItem rotation
  • Added labels to distance rings on VegetationMaskArea
  • Fixed range slider min/max when using edit field
  • Moved regenerate all billboard atlases to editor tab
  • Fixed issue with setting VegetationPackage before OnEnable
  • Added setting to adjust random distributon range
  • Moved BillboardSystem render to LateUpdate. This fixes blinking billboards while moving VegetationMasks run-time
  • Fixed billboards not refreshing after disable/enable component
  • Added get density functions to VegetationStudio Manager
  • Fix for depreciated function on 2017.2 Beta
  • Added error message on inspector if developer try to add the base class VegetationMask component.
  • Added NoRotation option for vegetation items
  • Fixed localspace rotation offset bug
  • Changed the way assets import after generating billboard atlas
  • Added settings to compile VegetationStudio into separate binary in in Unity 2017.2 and newer. Will give faster compile time as code is only recompiled when VS code changes.


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