Vegetation Studio Beta 4.5 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 4.5 Core

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Create Date August 22, 2017
Last Updated August 22, 2017

Beta 4.5: August 22,  2017


  • Added inverse texture mask setting
  • Added rotate texture mask setting
  • New “Disable in editor” mode on RuntimePrefabSpawner
  • Grass patch generator does now keep plane aspect ratio when adding random scale.


  • Added setting to force disable/enable + GC cleanup when saving the scene. You can turn this on/off in editor tab.
  • Billboards now rotate correct against the Gameview camera in editor mode also.
  • Removed Grass and Billboard debug keywords. Will increase shader compile speed
  • Renamed Grass and Billboard shaders. Materials should auto upgrade. Meta file not changed.
  • Renamed Billboard diffuse/normal atlas shaders
  • Renamed shaders for touchBend/React system
  • Renamed TerrainHeatmap shader
  • Removed “Disable in editor mode” setting for vegetationSystem component. This is not needed after sleep mode
  • Added define VS_USE_HEIGHTMAP_DLL to enable native dll for height map steepness lookup in editor also.
  • Copy paste vegetation item will now copy texture mask rules also.
  • Added refresh height map button on debug tab


  • Fixed a bug in the bake billboards function.
  • Added baked billboards origin fix. would happen when VegetationSystem was not on 0,0,0
  • Added text on run-time prefab spawner.
  • Changed random seed calculation on the RuntimePrefabSpawner. multiple prefabs on the same Vegetation Item now have different random spawn chance.
  • Removed some GC generation when using the native DLL to sample the height map in standalone Windows builds
  • Changes to 2nd level tree distance culling calculation
  • Fixed texture mask scale rule – scale multiplier
  • Cleanup VegetationSystem component editor
  • Saving the scene or entering play-mode will now restore the terrain material if heat map was active

API Changes

  • Added static SetCamera function to VegetationStudioManager Component
  • Added static SetTerrain function to VegetationStudioManager Component

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