Vegetation Studio Beta 5.0.1 Full


Vegetation Studio Beta 5.0.1 Full

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Create Date September 12, 2017
Last Updated September 12, 2017

Beta 5.0.1: September 09,  2017

Hi. We jumped to beta 5.0 Some bigger new features in this version.

First is the Persistent Vegetation Storage. It allows you to bake the result of the run-time rules to a persistent storage.
When baked you can edit tree locations, add and remove instances etc.
Loading speed is faster at the cost of some space. But the size is not bad. a 2000×2000 meter terrain with really dense grass took 58mbyte including everything. 1.4 million instances.

There is also an API for 3rd party tools to spawn vegetation into this storage and 2 importer modules.

1 that imports terrain trees and the other can import gameobjects from the scene. rocks, trees etc.

There is also a painting tool included in the Storage but this is not complete yet.
Delete the old folder before upgrading. Some files was deleted, other changed name.


  • You can now import terrain textures from any Terrain or TerrainData. Drag and drop on target VegetationPackage
  • Added PersistentVegrtationStorage
  • Added TerrainTreeImporter
  • Added SceneVegetationImporter


  • Changed default value on scale and density texture masks
  • Changed internal behaviour of sea cell excluding. Needed for persistent storage
  • Renamed CullingSphereIndex to CellIndex
  • Renamed NoiseGenerator class to RandomNumberGenerator
  • Moved some VegetationPackage editor functions to a common tool class
  • Internal refresh changes to GrassPatchGeneratorEditor.cs for wind.
  • Changes in billboard system to create billboards for items from the persistent storage
  • Added VegetationSourceID for 3rd party spawners.
  • General cleanup of code and function naming
  • Some namechanges on the VegetationMask properties.
  • A PersistentVegetationStorage Component is now added when adding VegetationStudio to a new scene using the menu.
  • Some internal ID renaming. All vegetationItems will get a new ID but packages should upgrade.
  • Changed name of a propery on TerrainTextureSettings. Textures used for terrain splat map generation will have to be enabled again.


  • Changed max sea/water height to 5000
  • Some cleanup in the VegetationSystemEditor class
  • Fixed issue with edge cells not spawning vegetation on terrains with no TerrainCollider

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