Vegetation Studio Beta 5.1 Full


Vegetation Studio Beta 5.1 Full

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Create Date September 18, 2017
Last Updated September 18, 2017

BETA 5.1: SEPTEMBER 18,  2017

You will get a warning about billboards in wrong color space when first using this beta version. It is part of upgrading the package as I do not know what color space you currently has generated for. In the future and on new packages it will only happen when you change color space of the project.
Individual LOD selection on trees is now working. Settings is based on LODGroup settings in the prefab.


  • Warning/dialog when using a vegetation package with billboards generated for another color space.
  • Tree LODs are now working as they should. Distances is calculated from the LODGroup and adjusted for QualitySettings.LODBias and an exposed LODFactor setting per VegetatonItem. Make sure your initial LOD setting is set to LOD0 if you want the full quality if the trees.
  • Added option to make colliders triggers.
  • Added support to add Texture2D grass from the static API
  • New terrain detail settings importer. This will help you set up VegetationItems for grass and plants used in a unity terrain for run-time spawning.


  • Fix for sea cells being tested when creating billboards
  • Changes to internal code to bake navmesh. Spawn is now direct to component bypassing cache.
  • New code for selection of VegetationItem for RuntimePrefabSpawner
  • Cleanup VegetationPackageInspector
  • Added setting to disable updating terrain on vegetation Package editor
  • Default LOD for trees is now LOD0
  • UI changes for logo and documentation button.


  • Fixed VegetationItem clipboard not cleared properly
  • The name of the VegetationItem when adding Texture2D textures is now set to the Texture name by default
  • Navmesh build problem. on some cases the entire terrain would not bake.
  • Fixed error on persistent Vegetation Storage that could happen with a Vegetation System without vegetation package
  • Fixed problem with blinking billboards when moving out of 1st level culling
  • Fixed error that could happen in runtime prefab spawner.
  • Fixed error when adding trees with no materials.
  • Fixed timing issue that could stop vegetation mask from working with terrains loaded run-time.
  • Removed a custom AnimationCurve property drawer that made a problem on 2017.1 or newer
  • Fixed bug in terrain texture UI

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