Vegetation Studio Beta 5.2.1 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 5.2.1 Core

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Create Date September 26, 2017
Last Updated September 26, 2017

Beta 5.2: September 27,  2017


  • Added HotswapTerrain function on the VegetationSystem component. You can now replace a terrain of the same dimentions without recreating the quadtree and cell structure. Internal data is moved to the new worldlocation. This is usefull in cases where you are reusing vegetationsystem components from a pool with run-time instantiated terrains.
  • All grass and plant materials will have 2 set properties. _CullFarStart and _CullFarDistance These can be used in grass shaders to cull grass at a distance to remove cell popping effect.
  • New component. VegetationColorMaskCreator. this will export a unlit color mask of selected vegetation. Designed for use with terrain shaders to blend in this maske where mesh grass stops.
  • New component. VegetationItemMask. This is designed to mask a single VegetationItem. This could be used for harvesting resources in games.
  • Harvesting demo script added to demo scene.
  • Added custom billboard generator for TreeCreator trees
  • Exposed per Vegetation Item billboard brightness.
  • Extended navmesh bake to bake colliders to the scene also
  • Added a per vegetation item Disable LOD setting on trees.


  • BillboardSystem.BakeBillboards now have a optional Transform parent parameter to control where to place the billboard meshes in the scene.
  • VegetationItemInstanceInfo component is now added to all run-time spawned colliders
  • VegetationItemInstanceInfo component is now added to all run-time object created by the run-time prefab spawner.
  • New internal mask type circleMaskArea.
  • New setting to disable/enable compute shaders.
  • VegetationItem settings to disable shadows. Usefull for underwater plants etc.
  • Removed Pre-Cache buttons on Debug tab
  • Added progressbar to navmesh baking
  • Added copy/paste to curves.
  • Added refresh prefab button.
  • Added progressbar on billboard atlas generation.


  • Fixes UI bug on Persistent Vegetation Storage that allowed you to try to bake vegetation without a VegetationStoragePackage added.
  • Removed warning on GrassPatchVertexColor shader
  • Fixed black border on help button on some computers
  • VegetationPackage not set as dirty after regenerate billboards
  • Fixed small bug with collision detection and baked vegetation
  • Fixed issue with culling group not destroyed in some cases.

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