Vegetation Studio Beta 6.0.1 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 6.0.1 Core

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Create Date October 5, 2017
Last Updated October 6, 2017

BETA 6.0.1: OCTOBER,  2017

Changed beta number to 6.x was some confusion with similar numbers as unity version numbers 🙂
Also some bigger changes. The new painting system, baked billboards, floating origin and a rewrite of the RuntimePrefabSpaner GUI.

There has been some renaming. DELETE the AwesomeTechnologies folder before importing.


  • Extended RuntimePrefabSpawner component. You can now configure multiple prefabs per Vegetation item. Per item seed and an event for custom spawn logic.
  • Persistent Vegetation Storage painter is now working.
  • New static functions on VegetationStudioManager to refresh VegetationSystem components using a specific terrain as parameter.
  • Baked billboards can now save mesh and material to project as assets
  • Baked billboards can be parented to the terrain automatic
  • Baked billboards are now generated in localspace of the terrain.
  • Custom baked billboards shader. Culling distances set in global shader parameters.
  • Blinking in billboards and trees when changing floating origin is removed.
  • Internally cell vegetation are now moved and not re-spawned when terrain origin is moved.
  • Added SceneVegetationBaker component


  • GUI cleanup on wind settings
  • Added billboard cutoff to each tree settings, removed from billboardsystem component.
  • TouchBendControler renderTexture is now not serialized with the scene.
  • Billboards internal meshes are now relative to the terrain. Offset is done in the render matrix. This makes floating origin changes “instant” for the billboards.
  • Changes to internal structure for loading trees for the billboard generator. This is now done with the new DirectSpawn functionality of the VegetationCell. This reduces some memory use since the spawned trees for billboards does not end up in the cache.
  • Clear old billboard as option when baking new billboards.
  • Changes to internal message system to refresh billboards.
  • Some name changes on internal API on VegetationSystem.cs


  • Small billboard culling fix.
  • Fix automatic billboard generation issue with missing prefabs.
  • Billboard brightness adjustment no longer refreshes billboards
  • Removed error when using the RefreshAPI while in sleepmode
  • Fixed warning in MinPostFilter shader
  • VegetationStudio settings visible when component in sleep-mode and disabled

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