Vegetation Studio Beta 6.1 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 6.1 Core

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Create DateOctober 14, 2017

BETA 6.1: OCTOBER 14 ,  2017


  • Added a 2nd level GPU frustum culling on instanced indirect grass and plants. This is done on top of the internal cell based culling.
  • Added version of grass shader that reads wind/bend info from red vertex color channel
  • New component. ObstacleMaskCreator. Use this to create an obstacle mask for the terrain. Spherecasts for obstacles on your selected layers.
  • Multiple vegetation system using the same vegetation package will now sync/refresh if you add/remove or change vegetation items
  • New option to assign custom mesh to colliders


  • Added Overload of static AddVegetationItem that takes Texture2D to VegetationStudioManager
  • Added static GetVegetationItemID(string assetGUID) to VegetationStudioManager
  • Added static RemoveVegetationItemInstances to VegetationStudioManager
  • Refactoring of AddVegetationItem code in VegetationSystemEditor
  • Added MaskVegetationItem function to VegetationItemInstanceInfo
  • Option to apply mesh rotation to items Added with API
  • Baked billboards now have option to save as root gameobjects in the scene.
  • ColliderSystem.BakeNavmeshColliders now returns the GameObject holding all the colliders.
  • Menu option to add additional vegetation system objects for multi terrain


  • Billboard culling distance wrong in VR
  • Build compile error in SceneMeshRaycaster
  • Build compile error in BillboardSystem
  • Fixed bug in MeshUtils when enabling a vegetationSystem from a physics event
  • Fixed small issue with VegetationItemMask
  • Fixed billboard culling bug that could happen on none 0,0,0 terrains.
  • Fixed error when adding VegetationItems using the API with a sleeping VegetationSystem
  • Fixed Billboard system needed to be enabled to bake billboards.
  • Fixed error that could happen when changing the amount of terrain textures in a Vegetation Package

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