Vegetation Studio Beta 6.2 Core


Vegetation Studio Beta 6.2 Core

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Create Date October 23, 2017
Last Updated October 23, 2017

Beta 6.2: October 23 ,  2017


  • New compute shader based renderloop. Instanced Indirect (grass, plants, flowers) render lists are now produced on the GPU, culled for frustum and vegetation distance and split in LODs for rendering direct from a compute buffer.
  • Individual LOD control per vegetation items for instanced indirect shaders.
  • Added settings for GPU Culling, Use Compute shaders and use Indirect LODs on render tab.
  • Generate hull outline function for Vegetation Mask Area component. API and UI
  • Added support for generating NavMeshObstacles on Colliders.
  • Redesign of some UI on vegetation system component.


  • Added setting to Enable/disable GPU frustum culling on instanced indirect grass.
  • GPU Culling is now disabled by default in VR due to multiple camera frustums.
  • Added menu option to add and assign VegetationStudio component to a terrain
  • Option on colliders if you want to use them with bake to navmesh feature
  • Added name of selected Vegetation Item in UI


  • Bounding size calculation on the indirect GPU grass culling
  • Fixed vegetation not sampling correct close to the cell borders.
  • Fixed baked billboards saved to scene ending out with empty material
  • Fixed error in demo harvesting script if no camera was enabled
  • Fixed bug in culling sphere calculation for GPU culling
  • Fix for floating origin billboard mesh bounds issue
  • Fix for baked billboard mesh saved to scene not serializing
  • Fix for Alt-left button rotate not working in painter
  • Fix for issue when multiple vegetation systems with the same vegetation package did not refresh on multiple terrains.
  • Fixed issue with import of textures from terrain to VegetationPackage

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