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Vegetation Studio Pro Beta

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Create Date July 15, 2018
Last Updated July 15, 2018

Important when updating.
Delete any old MeshTerrainData assets that is in use in a scene. I had to do some structure changes and using the existing file could lock the edior.

-Added curve rules for Height
-Added curve rules for Steepness
-UnityTerrain now have a a TerrainSourceID setting
-RaycastTerrain now have a TerrainSourceID setting
-Added Terrain Source spawning rules
-Added Randomize Position setting

-Sea level will now only change when you press enter or the field looses focus.

-Errors that could happen if MeshTerrainData was not assigned to the MeshTerrain at startup.
-Added warning when trying to generate mesh terrain BHV tree with no MeshTerrainData object.
-Removed compilation errors if post processing stack 2.0 was not installed

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