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Vegetation Studio Pro Beta

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Create Date September 12, 2018
Last Updated September 12, 2018

Vegetation Studio Pro beta - 12th of September 2018

Update guide
There has been some folder changes and some removed files. It is important that you remove the old folder before importing the new version.


  • Package Manager requirements are now. Mathemathics, Jobs, Burst, Collections and Post-Processing. Entities is not longer needed
  • Restructured code to support assembly definition files.
  • Created editor and run-time assembly definition files for Vegetation Studio Pro
  • Created editor and run-time assembly definition files for Touch React Pro
  • Added Smoothness, occlusion and Metalic setting for billboards
  • Added Specular alternative to the billboard shader
  • New rotation setting for Billboards. When using "2D" billboard they only orient around the Y axis.
  • No need for "unsafe code" setting in unity project.
  • API changes to support Unity 2018.3 without warnings.
  • In Unity 2018.3+ TerrainLayers are now created and saved to project when applying textures from vegetaton packages to terrains.
  • Added Speedtree 8 ShaderController
  • Added 360 degree culling mode to cameras. This can be used with 360 video export.
  • Vegetation now updates when terrain height is changed with the Terrain inspector tools
  • API for Refreshing heightmap exposed on VegetationStudioManager


  • Removed the last use of the MathLib.dll All code in c# and burst jobs now.
  • General code cleanup
  • Generating splatmap now clears vegetation cache to respawn based on new splatmap
  • Increased max blend distance on BiomeMaskArea to 300
  • Remove a multicompile keyword not needed in the VS_Speedtree shader reducing variants needed
  • Removed SetCamera static function on VegetationStudioManager. Will be replaced by AddCamera/RemoveCamera functions
  • Added AddCamera and RemoveCamera static functions on VegetationStudioManager
  • Added SetSunDirectionalLight static function on VegetationStudioManager
  • Some Cleanup and optimization on BillboardShader
  • Updated PrefabUtility.CreatePrefab to PrefabUtility.SaveAsPrefabAsset on Unity 2018.3
  • Added internal functions for adding multiple terrains at the same time. Optimizing stats generation.
  • Changes to progressbar when generating biome splatmaps
  • Changed minimum billboard brightness from 0.5 to 0


  • Fixed billboard related run-time error with multiple cameras
  • Removed potential null exception error in AddVegetationMaskToVegetationSystem function.
  • Fixed for BiomeMaskAreas not updating if only scale of the Transform was changed
  • Fix for terrain heights not refreshing on GenerateSplatmap
  • Removed error that could happen when Generating hull outline on a VegetationMaskArea with no meshRender children
  • Fix for NativeArray error when using undo while painting the terrain.
  • Fix for wind sampler error when adding a camera run-time
  • Fix for deleted prefabs creating error. Now replaces with red cube to spot missing item.

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