Vegetation Studio Pro Beta


Vegetation Studio Pro Beta

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Create Date September 23, 2018
Last Updated September 23, 2018


  • Added PersistentVegetationStoragePackage scriptable object
  • Added PersistentVegetation Storage
  • Render billboards only mode on cameras. Good for water reflection cameras etc.
  • Added Refresh Vegetation button om inspector. This will refresh all heightmaps and clear cache. For manual refresh after 3rd party tools changes


  • Updates to UnityTerrain component to access the splatmaps befor CTS removes them to remove render passes. This requires a CTS update that is comming.
  • API changes to VegetationCellSpawner class. Multiple variants of SpawnVegetationCell exposed.
  • Added warning if multiple cameras are added and render direct to camera is not selected
  • Billboards now render with individual MaterialPropertyBlocks per camera.
  • Update some UI help texts
  • Internal changes to reduce memory use for vegetation.


  • TextureMaskType on TextureMaskGroup did not serialize
  • Fixed missing namespace on ScriptableObjectUtiliy making a conflict with some devdogs tools
  • Fixed problem with wind samplers not set up correctly when adding cameras run-time
  • Fixed problem with camera compute buffers not set up when adding cameras run-time
  • Fixed 2 inline out variable declarations that needed c# 7.0+
  • Added fix for some tree billboards generated with an artifact at the top. Needs billboard regeneration
  • Fixed EnableRuntimeSpawn not working correct for billboards
  • Fix for not all terrain added automatic when pressing the add all UnityTerrains button
  • Forcing sceneview repaint after "Refresh Vegetation" button
  • Fixed compile warning on MeshTerrain

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