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Vegetation Studio Pro Beta

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Create Date October 7, 2018
Last Updated October 7, 2018

Vegetation Studio Pro beta - 7th of October 2018

The collider system is now added and working. Next in line is the run-time prefab spawner and a list of smaller changes.
For upgrading old setups to the collider system just add the ColliderSystemPro component to the same GameObject as the VegetationSystemPro.


  • Added collider system with the following features
    • Individual distance per object
    • Multi camera support with overlapping viewpoints
    • Primitive collider setup
    • Use colliders from source prefab
    • Pooling system
    • Culling and visibility testing done in jobs/burst
    • NavmeshObstacle component as option
  • Added OnAddCamera and OnRemoveCamera delegates to VegetationSystemPro
  • Added a selectable label on the VegetationPackage inspector to get easy access to the VegetationItemID of any item
  • Added NormalStrength setting to billboards
  • New billboard generation setting that allows you to regenerate the normals used for generation and/or blend between original and new normals
  • Added delegates for all OnClearCache function on VegetationSystemPro class
  • Added forwardadd additional light passes for the included speedtree shader. This should give multi light support in forward mode. '
  • Added forwardadd additional light passes for the included speedtree shader
  • Updated github repo with info on how to add the forwardadd pass to other shaders.


  • Fix for baked vegetation in the persistent storage not rendering instanced indirect
  • Fix for nativeArray not disposed on the PolygonMaskArea
  • Fix for error if a prefab is missing a mesh. It will be replaced with an empty mesh now
  • Fix for error in render loop if the perfab is har more submeshes than materials

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