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Vegetation Studio Pro Beta

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Create Date October 11, 2018
Last Updated October 11, 2018

Vegetation Studio Pro beta - 11th of October 2018

The run-time prefab spawner is now working. Next up is a list of smaller changes, demo scene and documentation.
If you are upgrading a project from an earlier beta and want to use the Run-time Prefab Spawner just add the component to the same GameObject as the VegetationSystemPro component.


  • Added Runtime prefab spawner component with all the functionality of the original in Vegetation Studio.
    In addition to this

    • Pooling system
    • Individual distances per item
    • Rules saved in biome/vegetation packages
    • All culling and selection done in jobs/burst
  • Enabled Collider system in editor mode
  • Added Normal render mode using DrawMesh.
  • Added VegetationMeshCombiner component that can help merging trees with multiple meshes


  • ColliderSystem only sees distance band 0 vegetation cells as intended


  • Fix for object colliders not spawning correct.
  • Visibility toggle for colliders not adjusting colliders in pooling system
  • Cleanup in VisibleVegetationCellSelector class
  • Fix for Allocator.Temp Error on 2018.3 in RaycastTerrain when TempJob should have been used.
  • Fix for Allocator.Temp Error on 2018.3 in MeshTerrain when TempJob should have been used.

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