Biomes Pro

Biomes Tab (Vegetation System Pro)

This page is part of the documentation for the VegetationSystemPro Component.

Add vegetation package
Remove biome

Add vegetation package

Drag and drop a VegetationPackagePro/biome here to add it to the Vegetaion System. A Vegetation system can have multiple biomes active. Only the “Default” biome will show unless there are BiomeMaskAreas in the scene.

Included Biomes

Remove Biome

Click Remove Biome to remove a biome from the VegetationSystemPro Component.

Vegetation package

This is the selected vegetation package. you can drag/drop a new package here to swap out the current.

Select biome

This sets the biome type of the vegetation package. If set as default it will show everywhere on the terrain where there are no BiomeMaskAreas.  BiomeMaskAreas must match the selected BiomeType of the vegetation package

Biome name

A name of your choice for this vegetation package.