Mesh Terrain Pro

Mesh Terrain

The mesh terrain allows you to add any mesh in the scene with a MeshRenderer. it will build an internal BVH tree used for sampling the height and normal of the terrain when spawning vegetation. Terrain Texture rules will be ignored.

This also allows for multi level spawning.

You can add a mesh terrain source to each of the meshes. This can be used for spawning rules.

Mesh Terrain Data

Create a new MeshTerrainData object. This is a scriptable object that will store the generate BVH tree used for terrain lookup.

Multi level spawing

When enabled raycasts against the terrain can hit multiple levels of meshes

Add/Remove at Enable/Disable

Enable this if you plan to load the MeshTerrains run-time

Mesh Terrain Sources

Geneate Terrain Data

To create a mesh terrain drag and drop one or more meshRenderers to the component. Then press generate terrain data.