Texture Masks Pro

Texture Masks Tab (Vegetation System Pro)

This page is part of the documentation for the VegetationSystemPro Component.

In Vegetation Studio Pro you can set up one or more textures as a texture mask group and use that in spawning rules to include or exclude vegetation.

Select biome/vegetation package
Add texture mask group
Select mask group

Select biome/vegetation package

Texture mask groups are saved in a vegetation package. To get started select the package you want to edit texture masks for. When added the texture group is only available for rules on that vegetation package.

Add texture mask group

To add a new texture mask group select the mask type and press the add mask button.  The only mask type available now is RGBA Channel that can use RGBA32 or ARGB32 uncompressed textures.  Other will be added later.

Select mask group

The select mask group selects what texture mask group you want to edit.

Delete texture mask group

Press to delete the group. Any vegetation items using this mask as a spawning rule will have the rule removed.


Set the name you want on the texture mask group. This name will show up when setting up rules.

Add texture mask

A texture mask group can have multiple textures. Add new by dragging and dropping here.

Select what texture you want to edit settings for by clicking the image of the texture.

Remove texture

Click remove texture button to remove a texture from the texture mask group.

texture area

Each texture has an area in worldspace to cover. This could be to fit the area of a single terrain, multiple terrains or even a high detail mask for a city area. The mask area is set by a rect where you set corner and width/height.

Select terrain/Snap to terrain

In order to do setup of the world area easier there is a snap function. Select any terrain in the list and press snap to terrain. This is useful for splatpmaps and other textures that align with a single terrain.

Snap to world area

Click the snap to world area button to scale the texture to fit the entire defined world area in the VegetationSystemPro component.