Vegetation Pro

Vegetation Tab (Vegetation System Pro)

This page is part of the documentation for the VegetationSystemPro Component.

This tab contains settings related to vegetation distances, seed and density.

Vegetation distances
LOD control
Distance control
Random seed

Vegetation distances

These distances control how far you can see vegetation from the added cameras.

Grass/plant distance

This is the basic visible distance in meters for all Grass, Plants and Objects. This distance can be reduced per object with the render distance factor. Down to 0 meters where the object is culled.

Additional mesh tree distance

On top of the grass/plant distance you can add additional distance where mesh trees and large objects are rendered.

Additional billboard distance

This is the total visible distance of tree billboards on top of the grass/plant distance and additional tree distance.

LOD control

Global LOD distance factor

This allows you to control the distance for when LODs change between level. A higher factor gives a more detailed meshes in the distance. This factor is used for all items.

Distance control

Disable render distance factor

When enabled the render distance factor that is set on each vegetation item is ignored. This will render all vegetation to the grass/plant or tree distance. This can be useful for testing on high end computers, making screenshots or videos where you want more detail in the distance

Vegetation Density

This global settings allows you to control the density/sample distance of all vegetation items in a category.
It is designed to allow developers to expose settings for the end user.  Low end computer can set a lower density on grass and plants and get a speedup from this. This setting does not affect baked vegetation in the persistent storage.

  • Grass density
  • Plant density
  • Tree density
  • Object density
  • Large object density

Random seed


This seed is used as a base for all generation of vegetation. Changing this will “randomize” the vegetation in the scene.