Compatible Assets – Shaders


While most assets should be compatible with Vegetation Studio, some assets have functionality that integrates more directly. If you know an asset that should be on the list, please let us know!

Vegetation Studio work with Unity Terrains. All terrain tools that produce a normal terrain will work. There is an import system to import trees from the terrain to the persistent storage of Vegetation Studio.

Advanced Foliage Shaders v.5

Place grass and foliage just everywhere in your game – be it on top of the terrain or any arbitrary mesh – and take advantage of procedural bending and physically based shading.
Make your vegetation react to any game object’s movement using touch bending, get nicely lit grass and plants or just benefit from the most beautiful fading billboards you have ever seen in unity 😉

Vegetation Studio Integration
Custom support
Supports Vegetation Studios implementation of Instanced Indirect rendering