Compatible Assets – Terrain Systems

Terrain Systems

While most assets should be compatible with Vegetation Studio, some assets have functionality that integrates more directly. If you know an asset that should be on the list, please let us know!

Vegetation Studio work with Unity Terrains. All terrain tools that produce a normal terrain will work. There is an import system to import trees from the terrain to the persistent storage of Vegetation Studio.


A node based procedural and infinite game map generator.

Each node on a graph represents a terrain or object generator: noise, voronoi, blend, curve, erosion, scatter, forest, etc. Once the nodes are connected the magic happens: a game map will be created without any human involvement. No need for painstaking work sculpting and drawing vast terrains, placing thousands of objects, painting fields of grass: just give your orders to the plugin in the form of a node graph and it will create a map automagically!

Vegetation Studio Integration
A helper plugin to add support for the Infinite Terrain feature of Map Magic. It will create and configure a new Vegetation System for each new terrain generated with Map Magic. Documentation
Setup Guide
Custom output node
MapMagic has a dedicated output node that will set up and feed the persistent vegetation storage in Vegetation Studio Documentation
Setup Guide


The artist friendly all in one terrain and scene generation system for Unity 3D that allows you to create the stunning environments that even Skyrim would be proud of – in just minutes!!

Have fun creating and exploring beautiful worlds as you leverage the latest procedural content generation techniques in a package that makes it simple for even the newest game creator to easily and quickly create gorgeous looking terrains and scenes.

Landscape Builder

Landscape Builder is a professional editor extension for Unity 5 and Unity 2017 for creating realistic, detailed and consistent landscapes. Blending procedural algorithms with hand-crafted user control, Landscape Builder allows you to create entire worlds tailored for your game requirements with ease.

Vegetation Studio Integration
Integrated since Landscape Builder 2 Beta
Multi-terrain, multi-camera VS support, textures, grass- and tree types, Map Path and Stencils supported More information

Terrain Composer 2

A powerful node based multi-terrain tile generator. TC2 makes use of the latest GPU technology to give you instant real-time results, which makes creating terrains faster and more easy than ever before. TC2 its folder like layer system and workflow is similar to that of Photoshop, which makes it possible to have full control and make quick changes any time during the workflow.

World Creator Professional

A professional procedural terrain and landscape generator for creating lively, virtual 3D environments in games, movies and artwork.

With a powerful array of creative tools and improved efficiency, real-time editing in the viewport, randomized terrain generation, and more, World Creator makes terrain and landscape generation faster and more fun than ever before.